Sunday, September 21, 2008

Also Celebrating today September 21st

Also celebrating today September 21st

Swimmer Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner turns 24 today.

Actress Maggie Grace, far more talented than they ever let her be on 'Lost' turns 25 today.

It is almost impossible for me to believe, the little kid from Jurassic Park, Joseph Mazzello, who has turned into a great actor turns 25 today.

Actor Paulo Costanzo turns 30 today.

Derek and Keith Brewer turn 35 today.

Korn drummer David Silveria turns 36 today.

Luke Wilson turns 37 today.

Alfonso Ribeira turns 37 today.

Rob Benedict, so good on Felicity turns 38 today.

Ricki Lake, whom I liked better with more weight turns 40 today. (I am happy she is more healthy, but when larger, Ricki started in some great projects like China Beach, Hairspray and the tv movie Babycakes to name a few projects. Since thinner, her work does not come close to the quality of her earlier projects.)

Faith Hill turns 41 today.

Beautiful David James Elliott turns 48 today.

Dave Coulier turns 49 today.

Bill Murray turns 58 today.

Stephen King turns 61 today.

R.I.P J.R. Ewing

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