Saturday, October 25, 2008

Also celebrating today October 25th

Also celebrating today October 25th

Actor Zachary Knighton who many of you many know from the remake of 'The Hitcher' turns 30 today.

Finnish Sprinter Markus Pöyhönen turns 30 today. (Search the site for more on Markus).

Actor Adam Pascal, who many of you know from Rent turns 38 today.

Last years favorite birthday boy, the mega talented actor Tom Eplin turns 48 today.

A favorite of mine, Brian Kerwin (who BTW I am working on for my next Blast From the Past post) turns 59.

I loved Marion Ross on Happy Days, and loved her in the many appearances she has made since including playing the Grandmothers on Gilmore Girls and Brothers and Sisters. Mrs C turns 80 today.

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