Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pic Series of The Day: Robb Miller by Night Kast Images

I really love the work of Minnesota photographer Richard at Night Kast Images. Richard has a simple style that showcases the natural beauty, both inside and out, of those he shoots. One of his signiture shots is combining two of his favorites subjects to shoot, amazing men with nature. Richard often puts his models outside, sometimes in the woods or water, or in the middle of a street or city surrounded by it's architecture. Showcasing his models this way, outside of the typical studio shoot, create beautiful, artful images.

One of my favorite models shot by Richard is Robb Miller. I love Richard's shots of Robb, especially those of Robb by and in the river. Though no nudity is shown, these images are not only beautiful, but incredibly hot! Be sure to check out more of Richard's work at Night Kast Images HERE:

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Anonymous said...

Your right Robb is hot!!!
Great pics, especially the last one.