Monday, September 21, 2009

Favorites Of Favorites: Mario Cantone

I am beyond thrilled the next ‘favorite’ to take part in ‘Favorites of Favorites’ is actor and comedian Mario Cantone.

Why He is A favorite:
I am a tough nut to crack when it comes to comedy. Very few comedians get me beyond a chuckle or smirk. Mario Cantone however is someone who can consistently bring me to fits of hysterical laughter. Truly in this world we live in, is there anything sexier than that!

Although I like David Letterman, I still scratch my head at anyone who would want to snooze there way through Leno each night. Maybe Leno is good at bedtime, for some I guess he is the perfect transition from being awake to being unconscious. If I were a network programmer though, I would get Mario on the air for a late night talk show Wednesday through Friday stat.

A Bit About Mario:
Mario Cantone was born and raised in Massachusetts. After graduating from Emerson College, Mario set out for New York to enter the world of show business. Cantone’s first professional role was a 5 year stint as host of a New York based Children’s show called ‘Steampipe Alley’ which he worked on from 1988 to 1993. I have heard Cantone talk many times on talk shows about his feelings towards children, (all of which I agree with), and find it ironic his first job was in a children’s programming.

Below: Mario starting out in 'Steampipe Alley'.

After ‘Steampipe’ Cantone made the guest appearance rounds appearing on shows like ‘ER’ and ‘NYPD Blue’ as well as some small parts in movies. It was during this time though that Mario focused on the stage. Cantone made his Broadway debut in 1995 in the Tony Award winning ‘Love! Valour! Compassion!’ Roles in ‘The Tempest’, ‘The Violet Hour’ and many other productions both on and off Broadway. In 2004 Cantone took on the role of Samuel in Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Assassins’.

Below: Mario and the cast of 'Assassins'.

While appearing on Broadway, Cantone continued to work in television and it was during this time he took on the role that opened him to his biggest audience, that of Anthony in ‘Sex and the City’. In 2002, Cantone’s career really took off with his critically acclaimed ‘An Evening with Mario Cantone’ on HBO. It is funny, 2002 is the year I was first introduced to Cantone when I saw him on one of his frequent appearance on ‘Pyramid’. ‘An Evening with Mario Cantone’ was followed up by more stage shows including the highly successful ‘Laugh Whore’ in 2005 which was recorded for Showtime.

These day’s Cantone is in high demand. Between stage, movies, tv appearance and his talk show appearances, Cantone has a huge following. Because Cantone is also an actor, his talk show appearances are always memorable as he can work in ‘the moment’ creating memorable appearances whenever he is a guest. ‘The View’ certainly see’s this, as Cantone is a frequent guest. (Although I would say Cantone should be a regular once a week fill in for Walter’s instead of just pulled in from time to time).

Below: Mario and the cast of 'Sex In The City'.

Not sure if you can put a label Cantone’s brand of comedy. Certainly he talks about his life, his experiences. Certainly he makes fun of celebrities, not to mention his hilarious impersonations. I find unlike some other comedians, that even when making fun of them, Cantone is also honoring many of his subjects. I don’t get the feeling he would put the time and energy into someone he did not have some respect for.

I love Mario Cantone. I love that I know when Cantone is on a show, or is making an appearance I am not only going to be entertained, but I am going to laugh and laugh hard. For that I give my deepest thanks to Mario!


Occupation: Actor, Comedian
Recently Seen in: 'Killer Hair', 'Men In Tree's'.
Soon to Be Seen in: 'Sex And The City 2'(currently filming) and 'Dirty Movie'.
On Stage Next: Carolines on Broadway for the NY Comedy Festival Nov. 5-8
Official Site: Mario Cantone Official Site

1.Favorite Site you check out daily on the net?

Mario Cantone: NY

2. Favorite Meal?

Mario Cantone: Chef's tasting menu at Per Se

3. Favorite TV Show?

Mario Cantone: South Park

4. Favorite TV show guilty pleasure?

Mario Cantone: American Idol

Above: Cracking them up on 'The View'.
Below: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Whoopi Goldberg and Mario last summer at Broadway's 'Xanadu'. (During Whoopi's time in the show).

5. First celebrity Crush?

Mario Cantone: David Cassidy.( I'm so old.)

6. Celebrity you would go on a date with if you could?

Mario Cantone: Meryl Streep

Below: Mario with 'Sex and the City' co-star Kristin Davis.

7. Favorite Thing to do when home alone for a day?

Mario Cantone: Bake

8. Favorite Part of your job?

Mario Cantone: The actual performance

Below: Mario with some of Broadways biggest and brightest!

9. Favorite Project you have been a part of?

Mario Cantone: My one man Broadway show and Showtime special "Laugh Whore"

10. Favorite Body Part (yours or on another):

Mario Cantone: Abs

Below: Mario during his time on 'Men In Tree's'.

11. Favorite Piece of Clothing you own?

Mario Cantone: Rag and Bone jeans

12. Music that was blaring when you were a kid, when you closed your bedroom, grabbed something as a mike, and pretended to be a rock star.

Mario Cantone: Chaka Khan

Below: Mario, Barrett Foa and a dancer from 2005's 'Broadway Bares'.

Thanks again Mario Cantone!

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