Saturday, October 16, 2010

Matthew Hartwig By Ev Dylan

My last profile of photographer Ev Dylan was last July when I posted about his work with Mason O'Sullivan. Ev is one of my favorite photographers and I always use the words 'quiet beauty' when describing his work. The best way I can put it into words is that Ev's photos slowly ease over and through the veiwer. Ev's work is not meant to hit you over the head or shock you, instead it is meant to become a part of you.

When I posted back in July, Ev was still in the process of completing his book 'Lust'. Ev tells me that he just finished shooting 'Lust' with Matthew Hartwig being the last model he shot for the project.

"Matthew has natural modeling talent and is a total pleasure to work with. I was so happy with the results of our first shoot that I asked him to travel to Texas for a week long shoot to kick off work on my second photo book."
Ev Dylan

Check out more of Ev's work at fotoicono HERE:
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DW Chase said...

Matthew is amazing, I had the privalage of meeting him at the shoot with Ev Dylan and realized he was a force to be reckoned with in the modeling industry.

-DW Chase

Anonymous said...

Love those last few shots