Monday, April 18, 2011

Part passion, part obsession, complete expression... Sam Devries By TR Pics

It was about this time last year I first discovered the work of Tom from TR Pics. When I first saw his MM portfolio I was struck by his skill with dark. I know I should say light, but it is Tom's skillful use of darkness and shadow that really define and highlight his subjects. I also loved Tom's portraiture work, the first shot of model, photographer and artist Sam Devries above is very powerful and one of my favorites. It took awhile to find a way to contact Tom, but thanks to model Yohann Duval we were able to connect last month.

Choosing Sam Devries as the subject to highlight Tom's work was an easy decision. First off, Tom and Sam have worked together several times so there were many shots to choose from. Secondly there is something about Sam, a longing almost soulful quality that comes through his face and eyes that give his work a different feel. If you look at the shots included here, Tom often has Sam looking away from the camera, looking at or for something.

'Shooting with Sam is what pushed me (in my own mind) from being just a "guy with a camera" to a photographer. Our first shoot was amazing... and it just got better from there.'
TR Pics

Sam has been photographed by some of the best in the business. His work with Tom, especially the rooftop and window shots (see below) are some of my favorites from his portfolio. They are also some of Sam's.

'He’s a fun guy in and out of the studio. We shot together 3 times, twice in Dallas and once in NYC. We always ended up hanging out and laughing after the shoot was done. He’s a true friend, a real guy and what’s great about him is that even though he’s not a famous photographer, he shot some of my favorite photos in my portfolio.'
Sam Devries

Pulling on his extensive experience as a model, Sam Devries has turned his focus and passion into his own art and photography. The culture, fashion and art scene in New York serves as inspiration for his work. Sam likes to work with photographers who know what they want, and as an artist, Sam is clear with his own focus. I was curious as to if Sam had taken anything from his work with Tom into his own work as a photographer.

'Tom has definitely taught me to use light wisely and how to get a model involved in the shooting process so that I can get some interesting emotion out of them.'

Check out Sam Devries Photography HERE:

'My work with Sam Devries has been some of my best, and in fact its what I'm most proud of in many ways. After I had started shooting local models for awhile, and had gotten comfortable behind the camera, I decided I wanted to work on shoot more "artistic" and "nude" shots. I had seen Sam's work on several sites, and so I contacted him to see if he'd be interested in shooting. Turns out he has some connections in Texas, so on a long weekend he came down and we ended up shooting for about four hours. It wore us both out! But he was just amazing! His knowledge of how to pose, how to breathe just right, how to work with the light... it was like a Master's class for me. And we became friends from it. Six months later I went to New York (where he lives) and shot again with him there. I was actually a little nervous, thinking there would be no way to have as awesome a shoot as I had before... but I was wrong. We shot in a local community studio... and worked that room over like there was no tomorrow. Got some amazing images. Even the third time I shot with him, I was amazed at how fresh our work was.'
Tom from TR Pics

Born and raised in Texas, Tom's focus of study was communication and he makes his living as a video producer and director. Tom began his career in East Africa but now lives and works in Dallas. Tom says that although his work is creative he is often at the mercy of working on someone Else's creative vision. 'My photography gives me the chance to create and explore on my own. It's my outlet.'

The more time I spent with Tom's portfolio the more I was impressed with the respectful and authentic way he presents his subjects. Fantasy is always a part of photography, but I love how the models Tom shoots are not overly muscled, primped and plucked. I was also struck with the diversity of cultures represented. Tom says that coming from a Germanic/Swedish background, he has always for some reason, found more "exotic" looks fascinating. 'Dark hair, strong features, angular structure... I am drawn in this direction, and I guess is reflects in the models I choose to approach for shooting.' Tom also says he much prefers models with hair and says the whole notion that "shaving shows your muscles better" is pure bunk. 'Masculinity is something I enjoy highlighting.'

You can check out more of TR Pics beautiful definition of masculinity on ModelMayhem HERE:


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