Monday, October 3, 2011

Creatively Speaking: Bruce Migliavacca

'Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.'
Cecil B. DeMille

With FH entering it's 5th year this month, the creativity of those whose work I feature has become that much more important. For me, creativity in art, in photography, involves hitting a part of ones senses either not hit before or hit in a new way. Not just seeing, but experiencing something visual or emotional.

Next 5 images by myrkky.

Whenever I feature the work of model Bruce Migliavacca I am always struck by the photographers he works with and the creativity within his work. I have featured Bruce's images on a number of occasions including his shots with haringmanPlus and as Favorite face of the Day. Originally from South Africa, Bruce has been living and working in London the past 6 years. Bruce juggles modelling with a full time job but as you can see by some of his new work featured here always brings something new to each of his shoots.

Below: Bruce by John Drennan.

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Last two incredible shots by Thunderflasher.

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Anonymous said...

The FH Flashback feature is always appreciated. Many thanks. And, Bruce Migliavacca is certainly well-deserving to be featured. In many shots, he looks so serious, yet his inner playfulness comes out in the way he embraces the unusual. Great to learn he has a full-time job, but enjoys sharing (and obviously some attention as well!) through his modeling work. Can't take your "body" to serious, if your life is more balanced to reality. Frankly, also enjoy the fit, but not "muscular" body, and of course, the shading of body hair and naturalness that Bruce maintains. Thanks Tye!