Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oh Danny Boy...

It was Casperfan's site that first introduced me to stripper Danny Steel in the documentary Confessions Of A Male Stripper. Although I am posting the entire show below, Casperfan has a lot of captures of Danny from the documentary as well as a download of most Danny's best moments.

Danny is simply delicious! I am not sure if his appeal translates in images, it was his adorable accent and hopeful enthusiasm that attracted me, even before the skivvies were pulled down.

A former international rugby player, after an injury, Danny decided to put years of finely tuning his athletic physique for something just as exciting as international rugby, stripping! One of the UK's youngest strippers, the documentary explores Danny's first time on stage, taking it all off and being educated on the necessity of using a penis pump.

Danny and Lotan (below) were two of my favorites from the documentary which I encourage you to check out. Both had dreams of becoming famous and adored, Danny still the dreamer, whereas Lotan has had his full of groping women, and the lifestyle. Danny seems to roll with whatever happens on stage, even when he loses his flag...

Confessions of A Male Stripper seeks to explore the lives of the men who choose to take it all off for cash. To me, it's true revelation is something many of us have known for years. Women, when in power, don't just demonstrate the same strong sexual appetite as men, they show an equal, or even greater perpensity towards aggression than most men. These women are out for more than just a fun night on the town...

Although Danny is enthusiastic and hopeful, there is a sadness laced within his story, of one dream cut short, and another possibly unattainable and unrealistic. All that being said, there is something intensely likable and endearing about Danny, a quality that comes across more when he's speaking, than stripping. Whatever that quality is, if Danny were able to market, I would want to buy.

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