Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Favorite Click of the Week: Photo Interdit

My first introduction to Ryan Scott was as a model back in 2010. The wonderful Michael Puff sent on images for a piece entitled Private Moments Made Public. I quickly discovered Ryan's modeling was simply an arm of his overall visual artistry. Ryan ran a blog at that time titled The Direct Desire Project which as Ryan says on the front page is made up self portraits, nature and junk I like.

I was rather found of Ryan's work, and his junk, and featured his self portrait (like the beautiful ones shown here) on FH, my favorite being the 2011 piece At The Top Of The Stairs. The last few times I headed by to Ryan's blog I was disappointed there were no new updates. Recently, I was back and finally opened my eyes (duh) wide enough to notice Ryan's link to his tumblr, Photo Interdit.

On his tumblr, Ryan continues to feature self portraits, nature and landscapes of San Francisco and more junk to love. There is also a focus on Ryan's imagery featuring other models, in themes and situations that more than live up to the tumblr's main title. I quickly shot Ryan an e-mail and he again voiced support for me featuring is work. It was difficult to narrow down a shoot or model to start with. There was something rather both beautiful, and also disconcerting, about the shoot I finally picked. Check it out for yourself below.

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