Wednesday, August 6, 2014


A few weeks ago I posted about the premiere of the new Sunday Night legal themed soap Reckless. Initially it was the ultra hot Cam Gigandet who drew me to the project and the southern heat he was sure to display. It was a pleasant surprise though to find included in the cast, Gregory Harrison, an actor whose gotten hearts beating for the last five decades. Gregory plays Dec Fortnum (something dirty about that name) and although the story is hit and miss, I have basically stuck with the show.

Gregory Harrison first came to the attention of hunk aficionado's in 1973 when he removed all of his clothes and joined Don Johnson in The Harrad Experiment. Gregory became a superstar with his appearances in Trapper John (1979) and playing a male stripper in the 1981 television movie For Ladies Only.

I was a little too young to see those projects when they first came out, but thankfully for e-bay, Amazon and Youtube, I am well caught up! I do remember being introduced to Gregory during the late 80's when movie and tv magazines were using a shirtless, and very sweaty Harrison, to promote the Carol Burnett Prime Time Soap parody Fresno. I remember being angry when I was not allowed to stay up and watch, but the images I had cut out of those magazines got the job done.

I have featured Harrison a few times on the blog, there is something about that dark curly hair and that amazing body that gets my blood flowing. Now 64, he is still looking fine on Reckless, still drool worthy, fulfilling the daddy fantasy's of many I am sure. A Harrison/Gigandet sandwich doesn't sound half bad!

For Ladies Only (1981)

Picnic (1986)

Fresno (1986)

Falcon Crest (1989-1990)

It's My Party (1996)

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DavidAsset said...

I always liked Gregory Harrison. Not only was he incredibly sexy in For Ladies Only, he also did a certain amount of stage work including Carnal Knowledge, Steel Pier, Follies and Paper Moon. I met him a year or so ago at Celebrity Autograph Show and he was as gracious as he could be and still VERY HOT!