Friday, August 22, 2014

RED: Kedori by John Dobson Photography

In addition to being one of the most visually striking colors, Red is also one of the most complex. It's associations run extreme, from the most erotic of emotions such as desire, passion and love; to the most dangerous ones... blood, heat and fire. Red is associated with both the height of ecstasy through utter death and despair of fiery depths of hell.

What red is not is boring, especially when worn, draped or bathed over the incredible physique of Kedori. Last month I introduced FH readers to a pair of artists, Kedori and photographer John Dobson. (Swank) Through their work together, they have created an exciting and stimulating body of work. When choosing images for that first piece, there were far too many good ones to let them get away without a fight. Thankfully, both John and Kedori were welcoming to a follow-up. Red, was one one of my favorite themes within their work together.

'A friend of mine calls me "John Dobson's Muse" as we have worked together on so many shoots. I count myself blessed that John wants to continue to work with me. After receiving the photos from our very first shoot I was always happy to hear that he wanted to do another one. He always has the most interesting concepts, which both of us trust each other to attempt.'

'I do have to admit that working with John is one of the most physically demanding shoots I have worked on. He finds that his best work comes from working on film, so there is minimal opportunities to get the shot right (unlike digital where you can see the results on the back of the camera).'

'With film I have to hold the pose, flexing, and adjusting until he sees what he likes and snaps the shot. All this with, 4 very hot tungsten lights shining at me. I usually come away from one of John Dobson's shoots feeling more drained than I do after an intense gym session. With that being said, it is all worth it when I get the results back. I have been in contact with John and it looks like we are going to get together for another shoot near the end of the month!'

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