Monday, September 15, 2014

Cotton & Plaid by JrChristiansenStudio

Although it is still officially summer, the weather is certainly in transition. Depending on where you live, you are either experiencing the hottest days in weeks or else holding Jack Frost at bay. Where I live, we are enjoying the best of both. Cool nights that are great for sleeping, chilly mornings that energize the start of your day and hot, sunny afternoons that have you wanting to take off work early and head to the beach or on a run.

While you still are wearing shorts and t-shirts, mornings and nights require dipping into that winter wardrobe. As I was digging out a sweater this week, I was also digging into my old desktop folders, going through story idea's that I either wanted to keep or ditch. I got a nice surprise in one of them with these images of the incredible Fitzgerald from JrChristiansenStudio. It was like they were waiting for me to rediscover them. Fitzgerald looks comfy and cozy in his cotton long john onesie and plaid blanket, with each both warming, and heating things up as well.

Jr Christiansen had sent along the shots of Fitzgerald last summer when I was working on another blog piece featuring his work. (Cornered) I put them aside for just the right time and I can't think of a better moment than right now. Jr's work has such richness and texture and always takes me to a familiar place. The images of Fitzgerald on the plaid blanket were like a trigger to a memory, one I am sure many of you have.

The heat and light from the sun, streaming through the window over Fitzgerald's body and the blanket took me back to when I was young. I am sure, like me, many of you had a plaid blanket, almost identical to the one Fitzgerald is resting on. Usually it sat at the end of the bed for times when it got cold at night. Our parents would cover us up as they tucked us in, or we pull it up in our sleep in reaction to the temperature. As I viewed the images, I could feel the warmth from that blanket, and the texture and coarseness as it rubbed against my skin.

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