Monday, February 23, 2015

Dead Of Winter

It is our penance for living on the East Coast, especially in the Northern parts. While most parts of America have times of year that are struggles, mother nature never quite loosens her grip on us. We get brief, very brief reprieves between the heat and humidity and the hurricanes before the frigid deep freeze and blizzards begin. This winter has been especially relentless with 3 blizzards, each two days a part as a treat surrounding our Valentines.

I think that is why the above image made me smile so widely. I will forgive the photographer, Robt W Hall for his California location for catching such a fun and sexy tribute to winter and winter sports. Model and actor Federico Pedroni provides the heat, looking especially Federico Pedroni hot gazing at Elisa wearing nothing but a hat, a ski and his incredible grin. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Robt's work on FH soon!

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