Thursday, February 19, 2015

Knock Out: Mike by Male Model Photography

'Mike has such a connection with the camera; I didn't have to direct him at all. Just natural talent, or... exhibitionism - because it was only a matter of a few more minutes before Mike jumped in the shower!'

You'll have to forgive the pun in the post title, but in the case of Male Model Photography's images of Mike, it was really hard to resist. We all know the term knocked out, either to be taken back by one's beauty or hotness or to be literally knocked out as in unconscious. In Mike's case either meaning would fit.

I have featured a few doctors on FH before, at least two models that I remember and several MD's for whom use photography as a creative outlet. Although I am sure there have been a few artists who have had me nodding off from time to time, I am pretty sure I have ever profiled an anesthesiologist, especially one as hot as Mike. I think I would be fighting sleep hard if looking into Mike's incredible eyes as I was counting back from 10.

Mike has an powerful sexual aura that exudes within his work and images. It flows from the tip of his spiked hair, in his eyes and down every inch of his amazing body. It was that spiked hair that actually initially drew Hugh's attention. Hugh was set to shoot another model he had been corresponding with when Mike dropped in. 'I was struck by his outrageous hair! But I thought - what a great handsome face and interesting look.' It was suggested to Hugh that he shoot Mike instead and it wasn't long before Mike had stripped down to his Andrew Christian jockstrap and the shooting began!

'I was amazed myself at the quality of that first shoot, and give 99% of the credit to Mike. We did a second shoot on a windy day in Long Beach, Long Island, which also produced some fine shots of him on the beach on a jetty.'

Hugh and Mike had a third shoot planned in January to take place at an abandoned water works factory on Long Island. Unbeknownst to them, the place has been demolished a while ago. Hugh reports that it was so windy and freezing with poor Mike standing around outside in his bottomless pants. They eventually moved to Mike's home, but it was under construction and the conditions were only slightly better than when they were outside. Hugh and Mike did return to shoot, today in fact, and I will be sure to let you know how this forth shoot turned out!

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