Saturday, May 23, 2015

Favorite Five: Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Admittedly I didn't watch much of this seasons Dancing With The Stars. I did however, watch enough to be happy for Valentin Chmerkovskiy and his partner Rumer Willis. Although I loved me some Noah Galloway, Val deserved a win and Rumer was great, erasing years of being known mostly for all those odd faces she would make in paparazzi shots with her parents. In celebration, I thought it appropriate to choose Valentin for FH's Favorite Five! With his incredible dancers body, great face smile, choosing five was as usual quite a task.

I am not sure Val could take a picture that wasn't oozing sex appeal, even his selfie's with fans (above) are hot! Given how much skin DWTS like's on display, finding images wasn't hard, but Val also posts 'morning face' often on social media, and each one worthy of making the list. Check out more on Val's Instagram HERE:

Above: Val with brother Maksim

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Anonymous said...

I find him and his brother devastating.