Friday, June 19, 2015

Acting His Ass Off:

Everyone who has studied theatre, knows versatility is essential. One must be able to play a wide variety of characters. Great actors, especially those in the theatre, must be able to morph into roles in both comedy and drama. Shakespeare is mandatory and one week you might be Hamlet, the next week, you're playing Bottom from A Midsummer's Night Dream.

Speaking of Bottom (s), great actors also know how to act with every part of their bodies. It is not just your face and voice that convey's a characters's essence and emotions, it is how you stand, walk and move every single part of your body.

Facial expressions, body movement and hand gestures though important, may not be as crucial for some roles as an actor's ability to portray different characters and emotions with their buttocks. For some actors in particular, ass acting has been turned into an art form. This past television season, Welsh actor Iwan Rheon provided a master class for young actors with his impressive skill with butt emoting.

In this season's Game Of Thrones, Iwan's impressively portrayed Ramsay Snow's sadistic and evil side with a tight, pursed and clenched backside. Contrast with his role of Ash in Vicious, where in the show's most recent episode, Iwan let his ass open up and be free, moving about the dance floor with lightness and humour. Truly a display of ass acting worthy of some sort of award... If, they come up with a show for these awards, I promise great coverage!

Game Of Thrones


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