Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oz: Tobias Tales

Thanks to HBO on-demand, viewers can relive some of the network's great shows with every season, every episode. I was so overwhelmed when I first got the service, I had no idea where to begin. So many shows I never had a chance to watch and so many shows like Oz, that I saw some of, but not the whole thing. I knew pieces of story, but never the full arch's of the show's main characters.

Tobias Beecher was one of the shows most interesting, and tortured characters. When first admitted to Oz, he not only had to deal with little girl's life he ended, but, just as daunting, cell mate Vern Schillinger. By the time Oz went off the air, Beecher was involved in the show's only super couple with his complicated realtionship with Chris Keller. (Chris Meloni) Here, is a visual history of The Tales Of Tobias.

Tobias Beecher (Lee Tergesen)
Oz 1997-2003

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