Monday, July 27, 2015

About Face (and rear)

'I Had no idea there was a FedEx guy right behind me...'

Ok, I caved. I was one of those guys who scoffed when seeing promo's or ads for those naked reality shows. But, Sunday night I caught a bit of Dating Naked: Playing for keeps. I am not sure it was the show, (I usually hate reality dating shows) or the fact Chris Aldrich is absolutely adorable, and naked most of the show.

Although his reportedly 'equestrian like' front is blurred, VH1 has let up on the rear blurring so there are plenty of great view's of Chris and his very white, and squeezable plump behind. He also seems like a genuinely sweet guy who work as a financial consultant in San Diego. I did not watch last year, they have reportedly switched it up a bit this year. The theme is 'playing for keeps' and each week Chris and Kerri (the blonde) each go on a naked date with new suitors, ejecting one at the end of each episode.

The question I guess (besides whether there might be another blur mishap...) is whether Chris and Kerri will still be together after skipping down the beach each week with all of there other dates. Both of the other male contestants from the first ep were hot, but like Kerri, I kept looking forward them going back to Chris. I am not really that invested in the outcome, as long as the show continues to show lots of scenes of Chris from behind, I am in.

Some of the caps above from DC's Men of the Moment! Plenty more HERE:

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