Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chicago: Brian by Claus Pelz, Shoot 2

'You look delicious!'

Although I loved the images from their first shoot, I think I love the results of the second shoot from 2014 even more! Photographer Claus Pelz invited Brian up to his home in Chicago to shoot. This time, he asked Brian not to shave prior to this shoot, and the results... magnificent!

Born in Germany, Claus Pelz currently lives and works in Chicago. As you can see from his work with 25 year old Brian, his main focus has become male physique photography. The artist's 2014 Physique Calendar was a huge success selling world wide.

I love how Claus blends muscle, masculinity and fashion. So many models, males included, who work in fashion, tend to have leaner bodies for the clothes they model and runway. Brian clearly has a focus on definition and muscle which are highlighted by his work with Claus and the clothes he is both in and out of. Claus shot Brian in a variety of outfits and he fills out every piece he wore, especially his short, beautifully. You don't necessarily think of shorts as high fashion, but as shot by Claus, and worn by Brian, they are epitome of summer sophistication.

'It’s fun to see people’s reactions when I shoot in public, I remember when we were taking that photo in the alley with Brian wearing the cut-off jeans a guy drove by on his bicycle and said to Brian “you look delicious!"

As I stated in the first piece, I love the panoramic style that Claus uses in so many of his images. Brian's impressive physique requires a visual balance and his body is even more impressive when Claus brings into his shots all that surrounds it. The artist's real estate background might play into the theme must a bit as when selling properties, interested buyers aren't fooled by one section of a house. They want to see it in it's entirety, complete without editing or cropping to diminish the overall visual impact. Through his images, Claus ensures we are not only interested, but want to buy, whatever Brian is selling.

The image below needs to be clicked on to be fully appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I think this guy is so beautiful. (ahem, TGS) He looks amazing here, should do a Tom of Finland shoot.

Dave Suntown said...

He is one beautiful man. And the photographs are stunning.