Saturday, August 29, 2015

Deep End by Gordon Nebeker

When deciding to hang by the pool for one of the themes for the summer filled week, featuring a few images from photographer Gordon Nebeker proved a perfect fit. If you check out Gordon's work FH, (HERE:) you'll see there's a reason. Gordon likes extremes. When not shooting his models getting all hot and sweaty in a Utah desert, he photographs them cool and wet, twisting and doing summer salts underwater in a swimming pool

Gordon has been working on a book featuring his underwater work which will be available later in the fall. For now, we will stay above the surface, with Gordon's images of Pablo. Gordon shot Pablo while he was visiting Florida last spring and Gordon shares that they are hoping to get together again if Pablo gets back to Florida this winter. Let's hope so, Pablo has an incredible body, and those eyes! Hopefully these images are but an appetiser for a deeper dive into the water in the future!

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