Friday, October 23, 2015

The Power of Persuasion: Dusty by Male Model Photography

'Besides being a hottie, Dusty is as sweet and charming as he looks. I'd jump at the opportunity to shoot with him again.'

Most readers of FH know how much I like story. When I see an image I love I am always curious how things all came together and how the photographer and model came to connect. Since first featuring the work of Florida's Male Model Photography last year I have been impressed by the incredible models MMP's Hugh manages to discover and shoot. Hugh has a great eye for finding models who shine in front of the camera. and after gazing into Dusty's captivating blue eyes, I can see clearly why Hugh wanted him in front of his lens.

The last time I featured Hugh's work, (Knock Out) I featured his work with the dreamy anesthesiologist Mike. This time Hugh didn't need to head to the hospital to find a model, instead he came upon Dusty by accident. Hugh and family walked into a gourmet pet food/gift shop where Dusty was working. When Dusty stepped out from the back room, Hugh found himself distracted by 'this beautiful young man in a gray woolen cap, with gorgeous blue eyes.' Hugh wasn't able to reach out to Dusty at that moment, but couldn't get the thought of shooting him out of his mind.

Luckily, Hugh found Dusty on-line a few months later and reached out. Hugh shares that it took awhile to convince Dusty that he was photo-worthy and it took all of Hugh's power of persuasion to get him to agree to a shoot. Hugh lives on a beautiful lush golf course in Florida and that's where they began shooting. 'Being outdoors, the green foliage and sunlight helped to highlight those steely-blue eyes. The other most eye-catching feature, his gorgeous curly hair, had a life of its own. Even when blowing in the wind, it always seemed just perfect for the shot.'

'We moved indoors to my living room; by now he was comfortable with me and the camera, and we did some nice shots on the couch and around the house. I particularly love the shirtless shot of Dusty sitting on the desk near the window holding an open book. At that point, I wasn't very skilled with using natural light indoors, but I'm very happy with the result.'

Since he began shooting the male form five years ago, Hugh considers himself fortunate to have found and worked with so many extremely good looking men. 'Dusty has an impish smile, but comes across as definitely sexy when he believes it himself and lets his guard down.' Although his first professional shoot, Dusty became more comfortable as the shoot went on three months after the first shoot, Dusty returned for a second shoot this time around the pool. Dusty have grown a bit of facial hair which Hugh says gave him a more adult look and really upped the wow-factor.

Dusty's lean and sexy physique comes from being a dancer most of his life but says despite his dance experience, modeling wasn't something that came easy for him. Dusty credits Hugh with creating a comfortable atmosphere that was both welcoming and judgement free. Dusty was also impressed with how respectful Hugh was about his hesitation and boundaries and is happy with the great shots they were able to achieve.

'I've seen a lot of amazing nude models.. but myself...I wasn't comfortable in my body. Hugh made me feel like I was an Abercrombie model during the shoot. I loved the shoot. I gained a ton of confidence from it and would totally do something similar again.'

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