Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Pre-eminent: Al Pacino

Al PacinoDanny Collins as Danny Collins

I started out looking for a couple of shots of actor Al Pacino to add, as I did with all of the actors, for his category. I was struck by two things however when looking for images. First, what a beautiful face Al has, especially when he was younger. Secondly, how few Pacino movies I have actually seen. Sure I could remember a few, I just watched Scent Of A Woman again a few weeks ago. But... I had not seen many of his most acclaimed roles, I have in fact, not ever ever seen The Godfather.

I know I know, not seeing The Godfather seems ridiculous, especially for a film lover like myself. I DVR'd it once, but deleted it before watching. I know many who feel it is one of the industries best films and I really must find the time to watch it this year. In the meantime however, I thought Mr. Pacino needed a bit more attention than his fellow nominee's.

I have given him very little attention on FH, and in looking for images, I was also curious to find out more about his 1980 turn in Cruising. Cruising seems to be the only film Pacino has really shown any skin in. I had read he also did a nude scene in The Panic in Needle Park, but with the exception of a very brief tip of his ass crack in a shower scene, I couldn't see anything. Here is as much skin as I could find of the usually covered up Mr. Pacino.

Cruising (1980)

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