Sunday, January 17, 2016

Worth A Peek: Tom Sandoval

I have written a few times that I have never seen an entire episode of any of the Real Housewives shows. It is not that I am a reality snob, I love many reality shows, but I was always sort of turned off by the Andy Cohn franchise for a variety of different reasons. Don't get me wrong, I have seen many clips, and know full well if I were to watch I would most likely get hooked and start a marathon of them all.

Last week however, I did take my first peek at the spin-off show Vanderpump Rules. I didn't watch for any storyline reasons or because I was bored and looking for a new show to watch. I watched because of a thread on DC showcasing the mighty fine backside of VR's Tom Sandavol.

It was fairly easy to jump in without much info. In the first episode I watched, Tom, along with Jax and the show's other Tom were getting ready to head back from a trip to Vegas. The Tom's went out and both 'supposedly' got tattoo's on their butts. The rest of the hour seemed one hot scene after another of them showing their butts to whomever wanted a peek at their tats.

Sandoval didn't seem to have any issue showing his beautiful backside to his girlfriend of course, but also Jax, (who really seemed to enjoy the view) his buddies, his boss and even his mother. That doesn't include everyone who was watching. Sandoval is such a great looking man. In addition to his beautiful backside, he also has amazing bone structure and a face that belongs in front of a camera.

I may not be watching every episode of Vanderpump Rules, but for now, as long Tom continues to give us frequent glimpses, of his backside, and his smile, it has been added to the DVR list.

A is for an accessible ass

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