Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Delayed Gratification

Ok Ok, I finally understand it, Michael Weatherly is HOT!  It is not that I didn't see an appeal, I always thought he was cute and likable, but I also always lumped Weatherly into a category.  You know that category, Richard Dean Anderson is there and Weatherly's co-star Mark Harmon,  It is a category of actors, hugely popular, especially with female viewers, but not seen as particularly sexual by men.

Maybe it's because they're nice, I hope not, all are good looking, but there is something about them that although I liked, I never really was drawn to.  That was, in Weatherly's case, until Easter weekend...

First Wives Club (2004)

What happened on Easter, well it was the first time I have ever watched an episode of NCIS from start to finish.  I did not intend to, the show bores me silly, but I was visiting my parents, a home where NCIS and Matlock reruns are on a constant loop, and even though I didn't intend to, a 2004 episode of NCIS, The First Wives Club was on, and the volume was on high.

I got Weatherly's appeal, and I got it hard....  As I sat watching, I was fully at attention with how Weatherly seemed to literally light up every scene he was in.  With a twinkle in his eyes, and an incredibly sexy grin, he was flirtation in his exchanges, with almost every other character, both women and men.

Weatherly's charm, and sex appeal, were on full display for the entire episode.  The actor is leaving NCIS at the end of this season, and although I may never watch another episode, glad I finally felt what all the fuss was about.  Maybe there's hope I might one day get the appeal of Tom Sellek.... nah

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