Friday, May 27, 2016

Dark & Stormy: New Manhattan Studios

~Part-time Model and Full-time Body-builder~

'With a quiet demeanor, this 23-year-old Colombian-American boasts one of the most impressive physiques in the studio's portfolio. He epitomizes the classic image of the "tall, dark and handsome" Latin and can pull off the roles of bad boy and classic physique model with ease. The studio has documented Ricardo's progress in the gym since shortly after his 21st birthday.'

There's something about Ricardo....  His beefy physique and smouldering dark eyes are part, a big... part of the reason, but I am also fascinated by how he came to be standing in front of the camera for New Manhattan Studios.   As many of you know, one of my favorite models, Alex Corso, is Ricardo's older brother.  As you know from enjoying Alex's images, he is not a bit shy about sharing his personality, creativity and sexy smile.

Everyone who purchased NMS's Captured Shadows #2 knows, Alex shared pretty much everything in the issue; his work as both a PA, and a photographer and of course that smile, and every inch of his incredibly hot body.  Alex is a natural in front of the camera, not afraid to take a risk, uninhibited with creativity, taking risk and tapping into his exhibitionist side.

Older brother Ricardo was a bit more reserved.  A man of few words.   Ricardo and Wes started mostly with clothed and fitness work, taking it all off, especially with his older brother spritzing him down for a shoot, wasn't part of the plan, initially....  But... as time went on, and each shoot was completed, Ricardo, like his older brother, became more comfortable in front of the camera.  In fact, the perfectly titled, Dark & Stormy series was inspired by the image at the top of this piece taken by his brother Alex.  

Ricardo became so comfortable, in his last couple of sessions he was ready to take some risks of his own.  With Wes behind the lens, and Alex off at work, for  Ricardo's last couple of shoots, the inhibitions came down, and the clothes this time, came totally off.  These images are just a sampling, but the full meaty results can be found by flipping the pages of Captured Shadows #3 which you can order in magazine form, or in an eBook form HERE:

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Greg Lindeblom said...

This is beautiful work. Everyone involved should be very proud. I am quite familiar with Alex's portfolio, but what a revelation to see his handsome brother, Ricardo.