Friday, July 1, 2016

Young Buck Photo: A Pair of Stags

'Photography for me has always been about two related ideas, capturing the moment and preserving the feeling. Capturing the moment is the easy part, you simply press the shutter button. Preserving the feeling, however, is the hard part. Without a properly composed, exposed and edited picture, all you've got is a snapshot.'

The quote above is from the first piece, (The Preserver) that  I did featuring Sean's images. The model was Dakota, shown in the first two images above, and the year was 2012 when Sean was living in Maryland.  Sean's words were meaningful to me for a couple of reasons.


Hot men with sexy bodies always draw attention, especially when shot by a skilled photographer. Although I often feature amazing looking models, it is usually a feeling, maybe more specifically a connection, that draws me to an image and inspires me to reach out to an artist or model.  That was certainly the case with Sean's images of Dakota.

I also connected with both modes featured today, most strongly through their eyes.  Steve, shot in 2012, and Jon, shot more recently in New York, use their eyes to draw in the viewer.  Steve's stare is strong, soulful and beautifully direct. .

'Steve's shoot was so long ago! lol I remember doing it in my apartment, it’s one of the few shoots that I made prints of, I have some of them hanging on my walls. He was very cute, and humble, and really down-to-earth.'

Sean also does an incredible job capturing his young bucks showing off their beautiful white tails,  I love that Sean often tries to keep their face and eyes also in the shot.  This ensures that the image goes beyond just a capture of a body part, but instead a human, a man and his body.  This difference maybe subtle, but it is something not all photographers choose to embrace in the shooting of the male form.


Jon's beautiful blue eyes are a bit more playful, and again, only add to the feeling and depth of Sean's images.  It was Sean's new images of Jon that had me back on his site, and contacting him again about featuring more of his work.

'Jon was one of the first models that I shot after moving to NYC. A bodybuilder (can you tell?) and personal trainer, with a dynamite personality and an energy level that was off the charts. You just want to melt into those pretty blue eyes of his.

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