Sunday, August 28, 2016

Naked Attraction:

Channel 4's Naked Attraction is about 5 episodes into it's run, but after only watching epsiode 1, I am hooked. It is more than just the fact that the UK based reality show actually shows.. it all.  The premise is so utterly simple, yet perfectly beautiful.  Perfect bodies do not = attraction.

The show begins by showing contestants 5 or 6 naked bodies, from the waste down only.  You get close up views of penis's, butts, legs and feet.  What it is interesting is that when you only see the bottom half, penis size and look become one of the least interesting parts of the body.

I love the woman choosing in episode one.  She certainly loves and appreciates a nice penis, but she smartly also zooms in how each man is standing.  She goes by some of the thinner, stereotypical hotter bodies in favor of stance and body confidence displayed.

The panels go up and at each stage she must eliminate one man.  I love how fully naked contestants walk down to hug the woman who eliminated them as if it is the most normal thing on earth.   Finally, the men's faces are shown and this is when the dressed contestant, must also strip down themselves.

Some of the best bodies end up acclimated and some of the 'not so perfect' bodies, end up having men with faces, and personalities far more appealing.  It is an interesting experiment choosing a date based only on seeing their naked body.  The body you may be most attracted to initially, may end up being a man who in the end, does nothing for you.   I won't spoil the ending if you find a way to watch, the contestant in episode one, narrows her 6 to the 4 below.  BTW:  Third guy in regrets the drunken night that ended up with that elephant tat....

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