Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tom Daley: FaVorite FiVe (no Six, nah Sexen, ok Ten...)

I was going to skip Tom Daley in my Road to Rio series, I have featured Tom and so many images on more than a few occasions. He is however, just too freakin hot. While celebrating with Daniel Goodfellow, after their synchronized 10m platform win, there was just one adorable moment after another.

I decided I would do a quick FaVorite Five piece with some of my favorite shots of Tom, I mean don't most of us have a 'Daley' folder on our computer? My folder had way more than five images, but I managed to narrow it down to ten.


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Anonymous said...

I think his partner Daniel Goodfellow is much more attractive. Something about Tom Delay just turns me off.