Sunday, September 11, 2016

ACTORS & Skin: Johnny Whitworth

I had seen Johnny Whitworth on screen many times, but I have to thank author John Grisham for making me truly take notice. I recently caught Grisham on TCM, co-hosting with Robert Osborne. It sort of surprised me to hear Grisham talk about how no one wants to make movies out of his books anymore. They used to of course, Grisham's novels used to hit the screen almost as fast as he could write them. Sadly, character and plot don't seem to be the priorities in green lighting films these days.

I must admit, although I love Grisham's novels, I have not really been a huge fan of most of the movies based on his work. I think Runaway Jury, one of my least favorite of his novels, ended up being of the movies I enjoyed the most. After listening to Grisham's interview, I headed to IMDB to see if there were any films based on his books that I hadn't yet seen... there was just one.

The Rainmaker (1997)

1997's The Rainmaker starred Matt Damon and Claire Daines, but to me, the most compelling actors in the piece were Mary Kay Place and Johnny Whitworth. Their story and scenes were the highlight of film, Whitworth in particular a stand out in his role as Donny Ray. I love how his character was quietly introduced, yet became the central emotional core of the film.

I loved Johnny's performance so much, I headed to IMDB to see what else he'd be in.  Low and behold, the actor, born on Hallween, (be still my heart) has worked with some of the industries biggest stars in a long list of projects since starting his career in the early 90's.

Whitworth's first high profile role was in 1995's Empire Records.  Believe it or not, although know a lot about it, never saw this flick.  I have found it on my cable's On Demand though, and have it set for a future viewing.

Empire Records (1995)

Whitworth went on co-star with Angelina Jolie (in shot below) in Hell's Kitchen (see more in the post below),  Bye Bye Love, Can't Hardly Wait, Pathology, Limitless, and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Johnny also had an array of guest starring roles on TV from Party of Five, Cold Case, The 100 as well as a starring roles on CSI Miami and recently on NBC's Blindspot.

Johnny in Limitless (2011) with Bradley Cooper

Johnny & Leonardo DiCaprio

Whitworth drew me in not only with his Rainmaker performance, but with his welcoming smile and face and, as you'll see in the post below, hot and fit body.    I look forward to checking out more of Johnny's work, and if we're lucky, his body!

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