Wednesday, February 15, 2017

God Looked.... Away?

Last year was a great career moving year for actor Garrett Clayton. Between his roles in King Cobra and Hairspray, he not only gained a much bigger audience, he got to work with some of Hollywood's most talented actors. I have always thought that young actors who get the opportunity to work along side Hollywood heavy weights, is helpful for actors at the beginning of their careers.

Although Lindsay Lohan is a sad exception, (Jane Fonda/Jamie Lee Curtis/Matt Dillon) actors who snag roles alongside Hollywood royalty usually gain both respect, and their own career longevity. I can't think of many actors as well respected as Al Pacino and Judith Light. Both have had long careers on stage and on TV (Light) and film, (Pacino). Clayton is currently on stage with both of these legends through March 19th at the Pasadena Playhouse in Dotson Rader's God Looked Away.

I have to thank Boy Culture for the heads up of Garrett's underwear (and socks!) wearing turn in the Robert Allan Ackerman directed production. We have seen Garrett on FH without his briefs, (HERE:) but... I dare say, Ithink he looks even hotter in them!

Two images above from Jim Cox Photography

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