Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Soap Snaps!

Casey Moss

There was a time in the 80's and 90's when daytime drama's were huge. The high audience demanded high promotion and there were dozens of soap opera magazines on the rack. During that time period, there were photographers who made their living shooting magazine covers and head shots of the most popular soap stars and soap couples. Today, finding great shots of daytime actors can be hard to find, that is... unless you're following the work of photographer Brad Everett Young.

Spencer Neville

I first discovered Brad's work last year and since then, whenever I profile a soap actor, especially one of the hot men who inhabits Salem, I turn to Brad's work. If Days Of Our Lives doesn't have an official photographer, they should hire Brad. his images of the cast, both male and female, are always the best, and hottest shots, that I can find.

Brandon Beemer

Although Brad doesn't only shoot actors from daytime, you will find some of the best shots of your favorite daytime stars on Brad's site, and project, Dream Loud Official. Dream Loud is Brad's response to the many schools that have have been forced to cut their art programs due to budget cutbacks. All of us who were in the school musical, took music or art, sang in a choir or joined a photography or drama club know that those experiences, and the learning that took place there, had and continues to have more of impact on our lives than all of the math, science and geography classes we took combined. Brad shares his passion for the arts through his images, and the actors he shoots, always seem to give that little bit extra in front of his lens.

James Lastovic

Christopher Sean, Neville and Freddy Smith

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