Friday, March 24, 2017

Warren Cole: Arresting

The first time I noticed actor Warren Kole was during his time playing Roderick, the killing sheriff from the Kevin Bacon series The Following. I took quick notice of Kole's beautiful face and body, not to mention his talent as an actor. I am not watching Shades of Blue....yet, but it's great to see Kole getting a lot of well deserved attention for his role of the Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) obsessed FBI Agent Robert Stahl.

Kole has made a career out of playing cops, sheriff's, FBI agents and every form of men in blue. Kole has the ability to weave in and out of playing good cops, and more often the bad side of the law. Kole has been a fixture on television since for close to 15 years with regular roles in White Collar, 24, Mental, The Chicago Code and maybe his most well known role in short lived Common Law. If you follow Kole on Twitter, his tag line, Suitably Shady, perfectly sums up his current role and career.

Below: With Matt Bomer in White Collar

Man in Uniform


Masters of Horror

Shades of Blue

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