Monday, May 8, 2017

Blast from the Past: Darby Hinton in Malibu Express

I had never heard of actor Darby Hinton until last week. In searching for info on a new Actors & Skin piece I am working on, I came across an images of Darby's wet and glistening backside in the shower. The image was a cap from 1985 movie called Malibu Express, and a quick glance at the movie's poster had me wanting to learn, and see more.

Darby, circa mid-eighties reminded me of a blonde Tom Selleck or Lee Horsley. Both are actors that held very little interest to me when I was growing up in the 80's. That hunky and hairy 80's look is a lot hotter now that the 80's are in the rear view mirror. The poster for Malibu Express, and the trailer I checked out on Youtube, certainly promoted the T & A, especially the T. It also made sure to let audiences know the film featured 5 Playboy centerfolds.

But... both the poster and trailer were also heavy on pushing Darby's sex appeal, something even amongst all the bare breasts, is fully apparent in the movie. If Darby isn't in crotch hugging tight jeans, he is shirtless or in a speedo. Even a fight scene in the desert had Darby shirtless. The brief butt shower scene was his only nudity, but Darby's 80's cocky sex appeal had me more than satisfied.

A little research had me learning Darby was a hugely successful child star in 60's. Darby had roles on all the major network shows including a starring role on the long running series Daniel Boone. Although Darby worked steadily in film and on many of the networks biggest shows in the decades that followed, a quick search told me it was Darby's roles as a kid that garnered the most attention. Searching for info and images led to mostly his work in the 60's.

80's look, 80's hair

I did find out he had one other nude scene in 1981's Firecracker. The scene is actually incredibly hot with Darby and his co-star using a jack knife to cut off each others clothes. Sadly however, there is little of Darby's skin shown, with the director sadly choosing to focus his female co-star. Darby is still a working actor and seems quite interactive with his fans on social media and at fan events. I am glad I came upon Darby in the shower, and enjoyed getting to know him through Malibu Express.

Malibu Express (1985)

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