Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Skin & Bones: Cristian by Mount Photography

One of the difficult things about FH being in it's tenth year is that inspiration can sometimes come in waves. Some weeks, the images and artists are om the drivers seat, directing my words and presentation. Other weeks, I feel like I'm stalled, on the side of the road and needing a lift. When those times occur, like everyone stranded on the side of the road, I call a friend.

One of the best things about FH being in it's tenth year is that I have been able to share images and stories from some of my favorite artists and photographers. When I am struggling for inspiration, I know that getting in touch with certain contributors will always result in a lift. One of those photographers is Gibraltar photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography.  I have been featuring Mark's work for the past eight years, and his work with Cristian for the last five. Cristian is one of my favorite models, and always delivers.

Cristian's incredible body, sensual eyes and lips were designed to be photographed ans in their many shoots together, Mark has captured some of Cristian's hottest and best images. Over the years we have seen Cristian on a bed, on the beach, in the shower, in eye glasses, in jeans, in a straw hat, in a mask, i various styles and colors of underwear, and of course, in no underwear at all. FH has also been fortunate to be able to be able to share them all. Although Cristain has always been incredibly fit, his passion for hitting the gym is evident with his hot, buffed up body in his most recent shoot with Mark.

Cristian by Mount Photography on FH:

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