Friday, January 12, 2018

Five & Ten

Briley by Suntown Photo

'I thought about what changes I might like to make in year seven. Drop the birthdays? Post less often? Move to a tumblr? Write less?'

Joe P by Studio1x

The quote above comes from a small piece I wrote around the time FH was turning 7. Every year, around the site's anniversary I think about the future of FH. Do I want to continue, do I want to continue the same format, the same design, the same focus. Every year I think about changing, but thus far, have always stuck with the same formula.  Last year, when FH moved into decade #2, those 'should I continue' thoughts again began swirling around. Tumblrs have always been an easy alternative, and new sites like OnlyFans has caused some artists and models to have less interest in a site like FH.

Harrison by takeapic4u

Ultimately though,  I always find new work, new images and new inspiration that motivate me to continue. Images and artists and shoots I get excited to share.  All of the images in this piece are actually images that I didn't have room for in original stories that I put together in 2017. I still get excited to discover new work, new artists and new models. I still get excited uncovering interesting stories about the male form, whether it be focused on a model or photographer, a celebrity or nude scene, or the male form in a news or other media story.

Rush Firestone by Virgin Islands Pictures

Maybe most importantly, I love the relationships FH has helped create. The photographers and models who have contributed their work over the years, becoming regular, and welcome parts of FH. It is those artists in particular, the artists whose work I have loved and followed, the artists who support my featuring their work again and again. I also am motivated by the large and loyal group of readers who check in every day or two. The readers who e-mail asking 'what's up' when I have not updated in a few days, and the readers who e-mail asking for more images of the artists and models they love and connect with.

Jacob Dillon

Yet... I know FH is in need of a make-over. Although I love the five post a day format I have been doing, it feels a bit tired and outdated to me lately. I love what I have accomplished with FH and the incredible artists who have trusted me to share their work and don't want FH becoming a Myspace. (If it hasn't already)  So.... a needed format change is coming.

I am not exactly sure when, I am still struggling with abandoning the five post format that I have been doing for so long. It may be next week, next month or the summer. But, by leaving the five post format, I hope some of the 'news' content may be fresher. Instead of waiting to have a full artist profile, or of waiting for a full five posts, I can post anytime a piece is ready.   This may not mean more content, but will mean FH is updated more frequently as stories are ready to go. We shall see how, and when... it goes....

Jonah by MW Photo MD

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