Thursday, April 26, 2018

Blue Streak: Nick by Richard Rothstein

Last week, when featuring photographer Richard Rothstein's recent work with Nick, (HERE:) I tucked away this series to post separately. I used one of the shots, featuring Nick wrapped in blue satin for pic of the day, but the rest I saved for today. I am a sucker for shimmering satin in images of the male form. There is a feel of glamour reminiscent of old Hollywood, so many of images of classic movie stars were posed in front of shiny, satin colored backgrounds.

I didn't ask Richard, but I am assuming the blue satin, in addition to beautifully surrounding Nick's body, also drape the bed in Richard's boudoir. In addition to all the hot models, showcasing Richard's recent apartment series has me rethinking many of my home decor choices... I am not a shopper, and most of the things in my home are either gifts, or furniture from my parents home. .

I haven't in fact, ever bought a piece of furniture other than a coffee table and a bookcase. I moved into my first apartment with my single bed from home. After a few years it was in such bad shape, and after everyone I know bugging me to get a new one, my parents gave up, and ordered me a larger one for my birthday.

That bed, is currently draped with a boring solid brown comforter, a gift from my brother from last Christmas. Richard's surroundings have inspired me to do a bit of shopping... Now I don't think I can go from plain brown to blue satin, but maybe something in between. I'll keep you posted!

Sadly, I fear the blue bed set may no longer be suitable for use... Today, Richard sent on his latest shoot with Nick and it appears that no amount of cleaning could remove the stains left on the sheets... I guess all great art requires sacrifice, and for the most recent shoot, the sacrifice was the sheets. Stay tuned for all the messy details.

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