Wednesday, July 17, 2019

New Manhattan Studios: Rinse Down


'Alex was the first under the hose when we were still adjusting the temperature. (Believe it or not, we could mix in hot water, it was a real shower area for the horses.) Alex going first, gave permission to the more reluctant straight models to brave it all for the cameras in the shower. Both Bond and Oleks were quite new to all of this at this point and hadn’t yet been quite as fearless on the farm.'


FH spent last last weekend in the country, and enjoyed New Manhattan Studios visual chronicling of Alex, Bond and Oleks down on the farm. We enjoyed the three hot models in the barn, in the hay and saddling up for a naked bareback ride on the magnificent horses that live on the farm.

Anyone who's gone riding, or even spent much time in a barn, knows the first thing you do when you're finished, is rinse down and wash off the odors that your skin and body have absorbed.  As erotic it was seeing Wes's images of Bond and Oleks on their naked ride, the three models enjoy their rinse down, was a great way to end the day for them, and a perfect way for FH to close out the series. 

The horses weren't the only ones enjoying watching Bond wash off

'At the end of the shoot, Bond was posing nude bathing in a tub (also known as a horse trough) on the outdoors set. We strung up a tarp to shield him from the nearby highway, but he was totally at ease with six other males standing around. That would include only one other straight dude (Oleks), four gay guys. (including the owners of the stables).  Although Evian's (the horse) sexual orientation is undetermined, he was clearly watching Bob as intently as the owners of the stables!  I think we finally tapped Bond's exhibitionism gene!'

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