Friday, March 20, 2020

Sibling Saturdays: AJ & Curtis Pritchard

This piece didn't start out as a Sibling Saturday.  It was originally going to be focused on Alex Joseph 'AJ' Pritchard, after seeing some shots on-line of the British dancer and choreographer.  AJ is a familiar face to many in the UK due his work on the BBC One dance series Strictly Come Dancing as well as appearing on Britain's got Talent.  After heading to AJ's Instagram, I discovered his equally adorable, and talented younger (by one year) brother Curtis.



I had actually seen 24 year old Curtis before, but not connected that he was AJ's brother.  Curtis, who also a dancer, has also made the rounds on British television, including appearances on Dancing With The Stars and Love Island.  It was shots of him from Love Island that I'd seen him last year.

Love Island (Curtis is doing the shaving)

Below: Getting spray tanned for Dancing With The Stars

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