Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Kam: Nude Life Drawing Class

'Some penises need to be seen.'
Rove McManus

During the lock down, there were many nude life art classes went virtual.  Being the writer of FH, I got  invited to a few, but unfortunately, the timing never worked out.  The process seemed simple, you registered on-line, then were given a link to the class.  Given the class was on-line, the life video feed was just of the model, nude and posing for those watching to draw.

I don't think the organizers of the events cared if you actually drew the model, or just enjoyed the visuals, but they were run respectfully, and geared towards artists, or at least those wanting to give it a shot.

Australia's TV station SBS jumped on the idea and this past weekend, scheduled their own life TV nude life drawing class. Hosted by Rove McManus, the show featured 5 models posing for artists in the room, at a safe social distance, and viewers at home. Thanks to DC poster Michael Andrews73a, we get a birds-eye view, in this case, the stunning Kam.

The shot clip below is from a longer video of Kam's session that Michael posted on DC.  If you want to see more, check out the thread on Dreamcap HERE:

Rove said the show's models had requested the room temperature be set at a certain level before they stripped off their clothes,,,

'I'm not lying. There was a genuine discussion about the temperature of the studio. I don't know if it was for their comfort or for their pride! I don't need to explain to you about shrinkage. We all know how it works.'

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