Saturday, July 5, 2014

Living In A Material World....

I am jeans an t-shirt kind of guy. Except for meeting days at work, I usually dress casually and no little to nothing about clothes making, sewing or material. That didn't stop me from being a bit intrigued when I stumbled upon the image above. In my hunt for great 4th of July material, the above image came up for a listing on e-bay. Further research led me to a Fabric Site where I learned a bit more about it.

The material is Alexander Henry and all of the images here are from their 'retro' collection. My questions was exactly how retro are they? Clearly the appeal would be to gay men not teenage girls but I cannot imagine either, make that anyone, sporting a shirt, dress or spring coat out of any of these patterns. The e-bay listing suggested the material was for a quilt, but unless sewed together for a party or as a joke gift... I was left wondering who would buy them... Purpose aside, I enjoyed stumbling upon them and searching for the many 'hunk' inspired patterns the company thought up.

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