Saturday, July 5, 2014

Urban Circus: Diego Serna by Mark Grantham

Mark Grantham's cirque érotique is my favorite of the many themes the Santa Cruz artist explores. Diego's shoot with Mark came about while he was looking for inspirations for upcoming shoots. Diego says that he stumbled upon Mark's work and messaged him, complementing his imagery. In turn, Mark checked out Diego's video on YouTube and the seeds of collaboration were planted.

'Mark was extremely professional and respectful of my hesitation to be naked in front of camera. I soon felt completely comfortable shooting with him.'

'Diego was a great guy who found me on Google, he'd seen my work with another aerialist and tracked me down. Diego was pushing his own envelope a bit, but the shoot was something he wanted to do before his birthday. He found the location, and he had all of the props. He made it easy for me!'

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