Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking

I have not yet read any of the reviews from last nights EMMY Awards, but my guess is they will not be kind. There was a lack of excitement from the first moment til the last. Personally, I am not sure the fault lies with Seth Meyers, (whom I thought was fine) but he will get a lions share of the blame. There were some good moments, most from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who always brings her A Game. Sara Bareilles and Billy Crystal were both stellar in the In Memoriam section but still... the spark wasn't there. Part of it might be that I don't watch Breaking Bad, that limits my enjoyment by quarter to start, give all the awards they won. The show just felt odd watching on a sunny August Monday night. Usually the EMMY's kick of the new television season on a Sunday in mid-September. Maybe it was Meyers, but I think there is something to be said with sticking to tradition. Even Amy Poehler, who always cracks me up, seemed to lack energy on that August stage....

One bit that did fail badly was Weird Al's television song tribute. Except for the brief appearance by Andy Samberg, in the Game Of Thrones bit, it was cringe worthy. If you need a way to shake it off, take a look at this class clip from the 1986 EMMY Awards. In 1986 the tv shows weren't nearly as 'cool' but they, and show, were a hell of a lot more fun.

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Anonymous said...

I also didn't enjoy the Emmy's. I don't watch Breaking Bad or Modern Family so 3/4 of the show was dull to me. I was happy for Kathy Bates. I also enjoyed the bit Seth and that one guy did on the streets ambushing people about the Emmy's. To be honest I don't really enjoy any award shows. The winners are so predictable.