Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daniel McGuffey: Poached

Masterchef is one of my summer guilty pleasures. It is one of the fastest moving and well done reality shows, and one of the Gordon Ramsey led shows where he doesn't try to remove all his clothes each week! (really, is it in his Hotel Hell contract???) It has been a busy summer, but I had the opportunity to catch up last weekend, (still one episode behind) just in time to see my favorite chef of the season, Daniel McGuffey, hanging up his apron.

Something about Daniel that was very sexy, the classes, and preppy face contrasted with the tatted up arms. Daniel was edgy, and didn't hesitate to cut down his competitors when the chips were down. Sadly, it was the simple egg that led to his downfall, with losing his yolk during his poaching that most likely caused his downfall. Well at least with most reality shows, we will Daniel, and the other departed cooks returning for the season finale at the end of the summer.

Above: Drawing by Marie Simbulan

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