Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anti-Thematic: Daine by Brett Kiellerop

-Originally from the latin word 'dzzain', a highly addictive source of urge or pleasure.

One of the most challenging things about working on FH is choosing images for each feature. Yes, going threw hundreds of images from talented artists, of great looking men may not seem like a chore, but if your doing it with intent, it becomes more than just picking the 'hottest pics'. I always want to ensure that I am showcasing both the photographer, and the model's best work. I never want to rely too too heavily on nudes, especially full frontals. Posting a few can add to a piece, posting too many can distract.

Add to that my goal of telling stories, I want images that blend together to match and compliment the words in between them (even if not everyone reads the words...) Since story is so central to how I piece together a blog post, usually most of the images that I choose are connected to a theme. Most photographers, in addition to the goal of highlighting the best features of a model, focus on specific looks, themes and stories within their work. I, usually choose images that have a beginning, middle and end and my goal is to have the flow from start to finish into a story with, or without the words that accompany.

With that as my aim, I struggle sometimes to create story when the images are diverse and made up of different shoots and themes. Sometimes though, there are so many great images, that I either ask the photographer and model if I may split them up for story purposes, or else like these images of Daine from photographer Brett Kiellerop, I just choose my absolute favorites!

I first featured Brett's work this past February in a piece which focused on his work with model Brad Gosney. Given that it was my first story featuring Brett's work, it was easy to introduce his work, and his stories with images of Brad in studio, and along the beaches of Brett's home in Queensland, Australia.

With this incredible set of images of Daine, I threw story story out the window and just decided to focus on the amazing creativity and variety of looks and themes photographer and model captured together. Daine on the beach, Daine wrapped in red, Daine in a to hat and bow tie, Daine in studio and of course Daine as a Tiger. There are also a couple of other Daine themes I have tucked away for later.... Halloween is just around the corner!

One of my favorite shots was the image used for pic of the day. I love, especially Brett's visual challenges, the vibrant red rope twisted around Daine with the black gloves, jock strap and perspective Brett used to capture the moment. I love that each theme Brett set Daine in had different and specific locations, elaborate props, fashion and make-up set ups. Daine has a great look, fit and sexy, but he also matches Brett's creativity by sliding into each of the characters, each of the moods and each of the themes Brett presents him with. Daine also lives up to the meaning of his name by being a more than an addictive source of pleasure.

The variety of images Brett shot of Daine came from Brett's process and when working on a book project entitled ‘Aussie Gods’. Sadly, the project had to be abandoned due to Brett's vision difficulties. Despite this set back, Brett has been wonderful to generously share his work with FH. One of Brett's motivators to share the work is to ensure the models who worked so hard during the process get some exposure and bring attention to their work.

'I had big dreams for my photography, and always strived to create unusual, quirky images. Typically, I would do at least 2 photo shoots with a model. The first photoshoot would be fairly standard, allowing me to work out which poses suited the model, what personality quirks they had, etc. The second shoot was about the quirky, emotive images. After the first photo shoot, the model and I generally felt much more comfortable and at ease with each other, and as a result the images from the second shot were a lot more natural.'

'The first time I met Daine, I was blown away by his good natured, sexy innocence. He had a range of expressions that we quickly categorised, and during shoots I'd ask him for 'guilty puppy' or 'come to bed eyes', etc. He's one of those people that oozes sex appeal, and I just had to try and capture some of his essence in images. I know I say this about all my models, but Daine is very easygoing. VERY easygoing. He prefers long photoshoots, where we can both take our time and get things just so. He's patient, and never once gave me the impression he'd prefer to be somewhere else. He stood still for countless hours while I painted and/or styled him. He's an absolute joy to work with.'
Brett Kiellerop

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