Sunday, October 5, 2014

Favorite Face Of The Day: Jeff Hephner

My television watching routine... and actor Jeff Hephner's acting career, have been like two high school students who pass daily in the hallway, but who don't really know each other. That is until a Madam introduced us...

The particular Hallway in question wasn't actually in a high school, but in the White House. Last week, while awaiting the start of The Good Wife, (we we GW fans must do a lot given it airs on Sunday night after Football) the new series Madam Secretary was finishing up. I was working on an agenda for a meeting the next morning and not really paying attention until I glanced up to see the beautiful face of actor Jeff Hephner walking down that hallway with Tea Leoni.

I was intimately smitten and managed to find Jeff's name in the credits, even though with a big screen television, they were still shoved down to about a half an inch tall in the corner. IMDB'ing Jeff's name was interesting, he was familiar, but not too familiar. There was a reason..... Sadly, although Jeff has been a part of many television shows, they have all pretty much been shows that for one reason or another I have avoided. Hellcats, Chicago Fire, Boss, The OC are just the start of his long and varied resume.

Although I certainly saw his early films, Tigerland and Maid in Manhattan, I could not remember him from the films. Funny then though, that the short walk and talk down the hallway in White House would have had such an impact, but it did. I will be keeping an eye now on Jeff's projects, and hopefully with his next regular role we will meet in that hallway and finally connect for awhile.

Chicago Fire


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