Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The FH Costume Parade!

Usually as Halloween approaches, I usually do a post featuring costume suggestions highlighting some of the hottest outfits for men that I can find. This year, I am showcasing images from last years 2013 FH Costume party. It was a studded event, featuring some of the hottest trick or treaters you have ever seen.

There was just one rule, and it was a simple one: Create a character using as few props, and as little clothing as humanly possible. The winner is featured in the post below, but here are some of my favorite finalists from the event!

Little Red Riding Hood:
Judges Comments: Bonus points for gender bending the classic character, but your basked shouldn't hide your basket and too too much cape!

Judges Comments:  Brenden looks hot and although the coat perfectly frames the torso, why the pants?

The Scotsman Trio:
Judges Comments:  Bonus points from coming as a trio, but it took far too much effort to have those kilts lifted!  Only two of your wore tham as true Scotsman, shame on guy in the middle!

Judges Comments: Mr. Mummy won best way to wrap a weenie prize.  By the end of the evening, with all the dancing and sweating, that was the only wrap left intact.

Judges Comments:  Nice Sword.
                                                                                                                            Image Source:

Judges Comments: You were close, the eye make-up was distracting, and without fangs, you weren't able to go all the way.

Judges Comments:   Underwear was not really needed, but if you had to wear some, underoo's would have been better than the Armani's which came off as a bit pretentious for the Man Of Steel.

Judges Comments:  You were close, very close!  Although you didn't win, we did grab you for a special feature coming up tomorrow on the blog!

Jason' Victim:
Judges Comments:  Very creative Simon Sherry-Wood, too bad you worn the same get-up at last years Fred & Jason's Annual Halloweenie Event.  Lazy Simon, Lazy!

White Arrow:
Judges Comments: Perfect costume and cut to show off your best asset.  Well played White Arrow, well played!

The PickAxe Killer:
Judges Comments:  The dusting of dirt on the derriere was a very nice touch.  You may have won except for your annoying insistence that everyone hold your tool.

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