Tuesday, October 28, 2014

And The Winner Is.....

Superhero Morph!

The beauty of our costume winner is in the transformation. Initially, our winner didn't seem to have a chance, a Flash t-shirt below a full set of clothing. But... as the party went on, the outer layer of clothing came slowly off, piece by piece.

We all then thought the Flash t-shirt and the skimpy blue undies were the then the final costume, but then... they came off as well. The Flash had now morphed into another superhero, this time for the final reveal of Captain America! The judges especially loved that the tall red socks remained!

Photographer Frisky Frolic is one of my favorite artists to feature, and he is a master at the slow, and ever so hot, reveal. Here, your seeing the entire set, but this series originally began on his site on October 7th, but didn't conclude, until the posting of the final image, and final letter in Convert on October 19th.


Anonymous said...

very creative and imaginitive post Tye... good job!

Anonymous said...

I always loved superhero outfits, now I know why - so sexy !