Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thumbs Down: Winter Finales

What is with this new phenomenon of networks splitting seasons up with a 'Winter Finale'. It feels like the season only just begun and already we about to embark on shows ending their Autumn run until sometime in the New Year... I appreciate networks not wanting to throw too many repeats into the mix, but taking over a two month break mid-way through the season is only further eroding the ratings for network shows. This break, only slightly shorter than the summer, gives viewers yet another chance to live without the shows they like, and find other cable programming to enjoy.

Television shows always took a Christmas week break, but most usually ran new episodes til then. These long winter breaks also take away from Christmas and holiday themed episodes so many of us remember loving when growing up. I used to love when ER had their yearly Christmas episode, usually with half the staff getting snowed in with a blizzard. I don't endorse massive television viewing on holidays, but not everyone wants to spend every hour of the day conversing with cousin Ben. Why not take a page from the UK where some shows, like Downton Abbey, have huge Christmas night airings, these episodes often end up being the highest rated episodes for the season.

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