Tuesday, December 16, 2014

In His Sights: Thee_Supaman by Bob Burkhardt

Whenever I spend time with the work of Atlanta photographer Bob Burkhardt I am always amazed at the strength within his work. The strength is not visual, it is not the kind you see when viewing images of a model who has spent many hours working on muscle definition at the gym. I am talking about a strength that you feel. With Bob's work it exudes from the beauty and clarify from both model and image.

Memphis model Thee_Supaman is obviously a physically fit and strong man. But within these images, posed beautifully on the floor naked or standing in white briefs as the sunlight shines over his body, as the sheer white curtains that drape beside and behind him, there is a strength.

'When we met I was immediately impressed by his striking looks and when we started shooting I was further impressed with how skilled he was a modeling and his knowledge of the industry. Friendly, handsome and professional, a photographer's dream. After our shoot he's remained helpful and supportive in my work.'

Bob initially connected with Thee_Supaman via Facebook and the model drove down from Memphis for their shoot. Thee_Supaman had modeled when he was younger for Sears, then three years ago, won a contest to shoot with a really great photographer. The images from that shoot catapulted him onto the world of internet 'fame.' In addition to modeling, Thee_Supaman is a Show Host, actor as well as currently being on active duty for the US Army. Being the Army I would guess would not provide many opportunities to explore one's creative urges. With modeling, Thee-Supaman says, 'I like the art aspect. I like being able to create something that people admire and want to share.'

Thee_Supaman' Musings

To Thee or not to Thee...

'I've been known as Supaman for a long time, I added the "thee" to on=line forums so I would be distinguished from others who jokingly use the same moniker. There is only one Supaman.'

Favorite Thing About his work:

'Traveling! Traveling is my life's passion so when modeling affords me the opportunity to go somewhere and meet wonderful people I live for it. Being the Face of Dominican Republic has been one of my best experiences thus far.'

Oddest thing about his work:

'Plenty! Which one do I want to share with social media though......well there was a photographer in Chicago who had a hands-free orgasm during a shoot...that was unexpected to say the least :)'

Take it off! Take it off?

'I began with the boundary that I would never do anything overtly sexual (i.e full frontal, pornographic, etc). I think everything I attempt is Art and I hope that it is received as such. Today's society is captivated by sex, so implied nudes was definitely something I wanted to do to prove to myself that I had what it takes. I grew up being the "fat kid" (200 lbs), so to be the object of certain peoples sexual desire is kind of liberating.'

Modeling & The Army:

'They definitely both require dedication and discipline. They intersect often, but my career as a Patriot to these great United States is more important. Modeling and my position in social media are definitely a passion, but I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Plenty of fellow servicemen have seen my pics before, it's funny when they recognize me from on-line forums and try to figure out a way to approach asking me about it.'

The Bob Burkhardt Experience:

'Bob was an amazing photographer that I think every model should want to work with at any point in their career. Very warm, very direct, and extremely talented. His eye for an exquisite shot is unparalleled. He asked me to try some S&M things that I wasn't particularly sure would work, but they translated quite well in print. My favorite images from the shoot are definitely the ones in the natural light of his balcony above his studio. Those brought out an essence of my art that I hadn't seen before. They are some of the most re-blogged pics as well.

Creating That Perfect Pose & Capture:

'I think about sex when I'm attempting those type of shots. I pretend I'm at the height of an orgasm. I pretend the photographer is someone I've been wanting to fuck forever and finally have him in my sights. It's all a bit of acting to me, in my natural state I'm kind of boring lol.'

Body Part that gets the most attention?

'Lol, I'm still a bit self-conscious about my body. I think my dick gets the most attention in social media...for obvious reasons.'

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