Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 Days: Tommy Lioutas in Will You Merry Me?

#4 Tommy Lioutas

Both Wendie Malick and Cynthia Stephenson are known for their scene stealing performance, both having played over the top characters on both TV movies and series. In the case of the 2008 Lifetime flick Will You Merry Me, Stephenson is hosting Christmas for her son Henry (Tommy Lioutas) and his new fiancé Rebecca. Henry's family is Christian, Christmas Christian, and Rebecca's parents (Malick and David Eisner) are Jewish, repelled by the extreme decorating and holiday hoopla at their soon to be in-laws.

Even with the not so subtle performances from the leading ladies, Tommy Lioutas shines as the son, sweet and earnest, trying his best to balance his love for his fiancé and the Christmas traditions from his family. Tommy's performance provides the films anchor and a nice balance to the film.

Canadian actor Tommy Lioutas has been acting the last ten years with movie and tv roles including as a regular on The Best Years and Whistler. The actor has recently moved to producing and as producer, his film Good Boy, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and was an Official Selection at the Atlantic Film Festival the same year. He has gone on to produce three other films, Issues, Heels and this years The Truth About Rainbows.

It must be odd for actors, especially actors like Tommy's whose focus is now on producing to have their Christmas films resurrected each December. Every year you can count on writers and bloggers discovering your work for the first time. There is sadly very little (or maybe for him, not so sadly) about Tommy on the net, no site, few photos, and little in the way of skin. No matter, he is a worthy addition to the 12 Days list. His performance, and adorable smile were the reason I continued from proposal through the holidays with Will You Merry Me?

The Best Years (2007-2009)

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